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Visit The Verdon Gorge with Kids

Verdon Gorge - The Gorges du Verdon

This beautiful canyon in southern France is a sparkly feast for the eyes. You might think photos of its turquoise waters are not real until you see it for yourself- it’s really this stunning.

The Verdon Gorge is located in the Verdon National Park. It’s about a two hour drive from Cannes, but I definitely wouldn’t do this as a day trip as the roads to the gorge are full of curves and if you come during July and August they can be full of traffic. We visited during September and stayed close to Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. However, there are several small towns close to the gorge such as Castellane and La Palud-Sur-Verdon.

Exploring a canyon with kids can be tricky, but no need to rock climb to enjoy it - you can simply get a pedalo or boat and enjoy the tranquil turquoise waters. We opted for a 1 hour electric boat and rented an umbrella as well. Make sure you have sun protection. If you have time, you can also swim in the lake (lac de Sainte Croix).

Boat rentals are close to the Galetas Bridge. If you are looking for an amazing photo location, then you’ll want to walk along the Galetas Bridge. Also, there are no food places near the boat rental for the kids. On the other side of the lake (go across the Galetas Bridge), there is a small kiosk-like shop that sells baguettes, cheese, drinks and of course ice cream.

Nearby Family Fun Activities


A family friendly adventure park that has adult, junior, and kiddie circuits where you can zipline, crawl, and climb your way around the forest.

The local vulture population after suffering a massive decline, is on the rise thanks to reintroduction efforts and you can go vulture spotting from mid-June to late-August in Rougon. Rougon is small village high up in the mountains with a craggy rock formation nearby where the vultures nest. While the website is in French they do offer tours in English and provide binoculars. Children under 6 are free.

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