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Welcome to Andiamo Kids!
Hi! My name is Agata and welcome to Andiamo Kids!! Andiamo means "let's go" in Italian- so "let's go kids!" Andiamo Kids started after my husband and I took the plunge and sold our home and took our three kids to go traveling around mainland Europe and the United Kingdom for eight months. It was a great adventure. We have been taking our children on international trips ever since they were babies and we hope to continue these amazing experiences. While I love to travel, it can be anxiety-inducing when traveling with kids; however, my love for new experiences always wins. I hope to inspire other parents who might be nervous to take the plunge and travel with their kids. 
As a bit of background, I'm an American with Sicilian parents and I currently live in lovely Melbourne, Australia with my family. I am passionate about travel as well as Sicilian and Italian culture. We have three wonderful kids who also enjoy the excitement that travel brings.
I hope this website inspires you as well as provides some useful advice when traveling with the family!
Thank you for stopping by!
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