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Be Brave & Travel with Kids


This is a message to all the moms and dads scared to travel with their kids. I get it. I am scared too. People will often tell me how “brave” I am to travel with my children- to get on a long-haul flight with them and to visit other countries. I am not brave however. In fact, I am a scaredy-cat.





Up until 2000, I enjoyed flying. It was exciting, but that year everything changed and it became something I rather reluctantly had to do.  It actually got better when I had kids. I’m sure you’re confused. But, yes, I enjoy flying with my kids. I found it even better when they were babies because I was super busy taking care of them. By keeping me occupied, my children have helped me to stress less about the plane and the turbulence. In fact, one particular bumpy ride, my 3 girls were giggling how the plane felt like a roller coaster! While I laughed with them, I was also silently praying for our safety!

Having children has forced me to be organized and positive. They have taught me to see or find the humor in different situations.


Smooth Sailing


Because we travel so often with our children, people often assume that it is all smooth sailing for us when we travel. It is not. We have had our fair share of vomit and sicknesses on airplanes and cars. Sometimes, we haven’t been as prepared as we thought we were and we have had to go through customs smelling like vomit. This is where a good dose of humor comes in because being upset and angry will make everything worse.  Your poor child feels yuck and while you may have packed three changes of clothes for them, you have nothing for yourself. It happens. You do the best you can. This is life and living up to challenges at its very best.




Mama and Papa Bears, the world can feel like a scary place. Watch the news and you will happily let your suitcases collect dust. However, is that life? We can’t let fear guide our actions. We have to live. There is a popular Arab saying that I love that says, “Trust in God, but tie up your camel.”  Research before you travel. Below are a list of government websites that can inform you. Know before you go, so that you can organize yourself accordingly.  This will help you manage your nerves and bring out the excitement.  




New Zealand

United Kingdom

United States




Traveling is actually quite exciting. And, while the risks might seem more amplified while you are traveling- even being in our home country is risky. Life is risky. So, do what I do, eat your fear (like eat that frog) and explore the amazing world that we live in. When you are sitting on a Mediterranean beach breathing in the salt air or watching someone make traditional tofu in Japan, you will feel alive and happy you made the choice to travel with your family.


Still need a bit more convincing? Then, read my Top 5 Tips for the Nervous Traveling Parent.

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