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Seville with Kids Top 5

Visit one of Spain’s most popular cities! Located in the south of Spain in Andalusia- it’s famous for its beauty and flamenco.

Our kids loved Seville and we treated ourselves to a flamenco show and dinner at El Patio Sevillano. It was a wonderful way to experience flamenco- our children were so attentive and enthused by the show-- they were trying to dance flamenco for weeks afterwards. El Patio Sevillano is located close to Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla. If you are interested in bullfighting you can visit the Bull Ring. While it is controversial, it is an important part of Spain’s history, but you'll have to decide whether it's suits the interests of your family.

The cathedral in Seville is one of the world’s largest and it is super impressive. The cathedral we see today was built in the 1400’s on the former grounds of both Muslim and Christian places of worship. What’s more, this large cathedral is also the resting place of Christopher Colombus. La Giralda was a Muslim minaret that was then repurposed into a bell tower. When the Spaniards conquered Seville, the Moors threatened to knock their beloved minaret as the preferred it destroyed than to have it turned into a symbol of another religion. However, threatened with death by King Alfonso X if they touched the minaret, it was left untouched until it was extended by the Catholics into the present day bell tower. Unlike many other towers that have endless stairs this one has ramps as they used to take a donkey or horse up the tower. This makes it a lot easier to climb for smaller kids than other bell towers, however, you’ll have to decide if it’s suitable at that particular moment (on that day) for your kids as it’s still 35 ramps up.

You can buy single (Cathedral only) or combined tickets (Cathedral, La Giralda) online.

María Luisa Park is named after the Infanta María Luisa Fernanda de Borbon who donated the gardens to the city in the late 1800’s. The amazing Plaza de Espana were constructed for the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929 within the gardens. Star Wars fans may recognise the structures as the Planet of Naboo. The buildings are now used as government buildings. Entrance to the park is free.

Within the park there are opportunities to rent a multi-person quad bikes or small boats in the Plaza de Espana. We rented the bike and it was a fun way to explore the large park. This is a wonderful place to bring the kids. It’s a great way for them to explore and run around without stress. The park is stunning as it is filled with smaller gardens from rose gardens to moorish-styled water fountains, it’s a wonderful way to experience Seville at a relaxed pace.

Seville’s royal palace is still used by the current Spanish royal family and was built by Pedro I within the remains of moorish fort that was there. The style is mudejar- which is a Moorish style of architecture that often includes ornate, intricate designs and colorful tiles. The palace is well preserved and stunning. The gardens are also impressive. It’s best to buy your tickets online ahead of time. There are royal apartments that you can visit, but you’ll want time to visit both the gardens and the ground floor and the patience levels of your children. We chose not to visit the royal apartments and we were quite happy as the standard visit is so beautiful.

5. The Metropol Parasol -Las Setas (Seville’s Mushrooms)

This modern structure is made up of what looks like giant mushrooms that float above the Plaza de la Encarnación. Inspired by the vaults of Seville’s cathedral, it is one of the world’s largest wooden structures. However you don’t have to just look up to admire it. The structure has different levels and you can get amazing views of Seville from the viewing platforms. If you have time, there is a restaurant El Balcón de las Setas that offers amazing views while you enjoy some tapas or desserts. The Plaza de la Encarnacion was home to Seville’s first market and the market is still preserved for our modern day and is located on street level. Finally, if you have time, there is an Antiquarium museum on the lower level that houses the remains of Sevilles Roman and Islamic past that were found on the sight.

Seville is a great place to visit that is also within easy reach to another Spanish gem- Córdoba.


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