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Visit Pompeii with Kids

Take it like an Espresso - Short and Sweet

Plan before you go. I am going to be honest. In summer, it’s really hot, crowded, dusty, and uncomfortable. We visited Pompeii with the kids in mid-October and it was still hot. Pompeii with kids is like this- see EVERYTHING and everyone is exhausted (including you) and completely over it. You may hear tantrums. They might not even be from the kids. Just kidding. But this place, while amazing, is also overwhelming. SO, like the title keeping your visit shorter will actually make it better. Plan ahead so that you see your priority places, and leave while everyone is still happy.

Finally, enjoy everything you get to see! The history of Pompeii, Italy, is amazing and seeing Mt. Vesuvius in the background is awe-inspiring. Hopefully, the following tips will help you prepare, so that you can really enjoy your time in Pompeii with the kids.

And, if you loved the Scavi di Pompei, then you might want to visit Herculaneum (Ercolano) and Naples National Archaeological Museum.

  1. Pick up your Free Map and Guide book from the Tourist Information office (next to the ticket office). During peak times, they do run out, so at the very least, print out a map ahead of time.

  2. Visit the indoor exhibits on your way out with the kids in Pompeii, when the sun is at its meanest. I would prefer to visit these beforehand, but in summer, you’ll appreciate the cool break. You could do a quick run through before you enter though and properly look at it on your way out. The exhibit is quite good and the model of the city helps you appreciate how big Pompeii was at the time. There is also video that timelines the events of the eruption.

  3. Get there early before it gets too crowded and too hot. You can also buy your tickets before you go.

  4. Be Comfortable- Make sure everyone, especially the kids, are wearing comfortable shoes as there are lots of cobblestones and uneven surfaces.

  5. Strollers and Prams- There is an all-abilities route marked on the map- which would also be stroller friendly. That said it has a lot of cobblestones.

  6. Be Sun Smart- Bring sunscreen and hats

  7. Bring Snacks- Bring snacks and possibly lunch for the kids. There is only one food place on site in Pompeii. It is a cafeteria and cafe. We found the food tasty, but it became quite busy. If you prefer to use the café, then I suggest going in for an early lunch. There are several cafes outside the entrance for before or after your visit (you are not allowed to exit and reenter). About 500 meters down from the Porta Marina Entrance (main entrance), there is a Carrefour supermarket on Via Plinio.

  8. Bring Water bottles (for parents too). While there are some random water taps around the site in Pompeii, they looked quite dated, so we brought our own water.

Hope you and your family enjoy your trip to one of Italy's most famous and iconic sites!

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